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Auto supplier stocks jump on report Tesla to fully own plant in China

Suppliers' shares jumped after the Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla reached an agreement with Shanghai's government to build a plant in the city's free-trade zone.

Tesla could play role in modernizing Puerto Rico's battered electric grid

A Puerto Rican official who has been in talks with Tesla said the island is serious about transforming its energy infrastructure after it was leveled by Hurricane Maria.

Land Rover dealer's suit says his territory is too big

Land Rover Orlando claims the area it is responsible for is so large, it can't meet sales targets.

Ford rolls out more upgrades as freshened Mustang nears dealers

Ford is working to generate buzz about the freshened 2018 Mustang, which goes on sale this month, with a variety of upgrades.

Old Chrysler hand Tom Pappert still seethes over 2009 dealer cuts

Almost 20 years after he retired as Chrysler's top sales guy, Tom Pappert hasn't gotten over what happened to dealers in 2009.