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A year in recalls, by the numbers

A total of 8 million vehicles were recalled in the U.S. in 2018 for software issues, three times more than any previous year. That's one highlight from the consulting firm Stout's latest annual report on recalls.

Pendragon taps Berman as interim leader

Former AutoNation Inc. COO Bill Berman has been named to lead a U.K. auto dealership group that is divesting its U.S. stores.

Real Explorer, fake monsters

Holoride, a German technology company spun off by Audi, has teamed up with Ford Motor Co. and Universal Pictures to offer what it says is the first in-vehicle virtual reality experience available to the public.

NADA: USMCA means affordable vehicles

Average new-vehicle transaction prices keep climbing, raising average monthly payments and extending borrowing terms. The NADA wants Congress to adopt a new North American trade pact to help keep new vehicles within reach of U.S. consumers.

Roadster offers Spanish online to improve customer experience

Roadster recently offered a Spanish version of its omnichannel online retail platform. It isn't the only auto retail technology company making inroads into language translation.